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Victory  (by Polaris)

    Victory 1P - $7.00   1999 to present except 2009+ Vision and some newer models like 2011 Hammer 8-Ball using F8000 codes.

    Victory 1M - $4.00   Same as 1P but all-metal.

    Victory 2 - $9.00   2009+ Vision and some newer models like 2011 Hammer 8-Ball using F8000 codes.


Yamaha Logo key blanks have YAMAHA on them.

   Yamaha Logo M - $5.00       1993 to present YZF, FJR, FZ1, FZ6, R1, R6, GTS, XJ, V Star (except 250), Road Star, Royal Star, Venture, Seca, F1,  Warrior, TT-R225/250, WR250/450, Majesty, Morphous, Roadliner, Stratoliner, T Max, 08+ XT250, 09+ V Max, 11+ Raider & Stryker.

   Yamaha 1P - $7.00   Black plastic head with same application as Logo M but without YAMAHA on them.  

    Yamaha 1M - $4.00       Same as Logo M but without YAMAHA on them.    

    Yamaha 2P - $7.00   1997 to 2001 Zuma scooter.

    Yamaha 2M - $4.00   Same as 2P but all-metal.

    Yamaha Logo PR - $8.00 each    2001 to present Vino and Zuma scooters.  If your present key has the groove cut on the left like the L blank in the photo, order one of the L blanks below.  If your present key has the groove cut on the right like the R blank in the photo, order the R blank.  Yamaha Logo PL Out of Stock - Use Logo ML, 3L or 4L

   Yamaha Logo ML & MR - $5.00 each    Same as PL & PR but all-metal.   

    Yamaha 3L & 3R - $7.00 each    Same as Logo PL & PR but without YAMAHA on them.

    Yamaha 4L & 4R - $4.00 each    Same as 3L & 3R but all-metal.

   Yamaha 5 - $8.00   Stratoliner aftermarket trunk key.  This is a Franzen 1400 key, not a blank.  Out of Stock - Backordered

    Yamaha 6 - $7.00   2004+ accessory luggage key using key code CH751; not a blank.   

    Yamaha AP, BP, CP, DP, EP & FP - $7.00 each   1980 to present most models including Virago, XT, DT, TW, FZ, FZR, RD, Maxim, Fazer, Radian, Venture, SR, YX, XS, FJ, XV, YSR, V Max thru 08, V Star 250, Riva, GYTR, TT-R 50/90/125 & 4-wheelers.  The key blank is determined by the letter at the beginning of the key code, which will be an A, B, C, D, E or F followed by five numbers (example: C32010).  They do not have YAMAHA on them.

    Yamaha AM, BM, CM, DM, EM & FM - $4.00 each    A, B, C, D, E & F in all-metal.

    Yamaha Vintage - $8.00 each   There are numerous pre-1980 vintage Yamaha key blanks and I have most of them.  There should be a 3 or 4 digit key code number stamped on the face of the lock(s) and on the original keys.  Send me that number and I can determine which key blank you need.  I have many more than the ones shown in the photo.       

Key Blanks not listed - Email me at motorcyclekeys@gmail.com and include the year, make and model of your motorcycle.  Also include any names and letters/numbers on your present key.  I will reply with price and availability.

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